The Wine Farm “Colline del Sole”

“Colline del Sole” is the expresssion of the Iommazzo family’s irresistible need to continue in their centuries-old tradition of winemaking, with respect for its origins but with a modern twist. This is a calling which has been passed down from father to son through the centuries, each new incumbent a witnesses and custodian of a grape-farming tradition which is inextricable from the lands which the family still farms. As shown by documents and by oral tradition, the company was given to thr great-grandfather of the current generation by his own father, Francesco Iommazzo, along with an ancient, vaulted cellar hewn out of the volcanic rock, and holdings in the Vignali vineyard and elsewhere.


At the beginning of the 1990s the company began planting Campania’s finest varieties, Greco di Tufo and Fiano in the Province of Avellino and Falanghina where the vineyards stretched into the Province of Benevento. Its cellars are in Torrioni (Province of Avellino), in the very heart of Greco di Tufo DOCG production zone, and the company is stict in its observance
of the highest standars in winemaking. It dedicates particular care to tending its own vineyards, meaning that grapes of a unique quality can be used to produce truly exceptional wines. The winemaker Roberto Iommazzo designed and built the current cellars and personally oversees every detail of the production process, ensuring that no effort is spared in the production of his wonderful wines.

The Company